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Welcome in Antwerp and welcome at our school. Please take your time to scroll trough the predeparture information on this page

CORONA SAFETY MEASURES                                                                                                                                   

Dear student, 

our school is open and we are looking forward to welcoming you, but due to the corona crisis, we need everyone to respect our safety measures. So please read all of the information on this page carefully.

Safety measures might be adapted during your stay to what local authorities decide and can never be discussed. It is our job to maken sure we all feel and stay safe and healthy. Therefore we will strictly apply all rules and regulations.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail:

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team LABS


General information 

  • Special measures will be put in place to ensure safety for staff, students and host families. These severe measures will only be reduced when the Belgian Security Council considers them to be unnecessary. These measures will also be clearly communicated in school.

  • Students who don’t respect them, will be sent home and asked to come back later when the measures are no longer needed.

  • Please note that the police in Antwerp are very strict.

  • Students who don’t feel well, should stay home (host family/residence), inform the school staff immediately and switch to online classes until they feel better.

  • Under no circumstances, the school can be held responsible for Covid-19 infections. 

  • In case of an infection in the school, the school will go online for two weeks and all staff and students will have to self-quarantine in their room.

  • You can't start your course if you've been ill in the week before. It doesn't matter if it was corona or not, your resistance will be reduced so it's not safe to travel to a new bubble.

  • If you get corona during your course, your parents will have to come and evacuate you asap from your host family. 

  • When entering the school, students and staff will have to...

o ... take off and throw away their outdoor/public transportation mask. There will be a separate bin for washable masks. Those masks will be washed by the school at 90°C.
o ... wash their hands
o ... put on a clean mask (provided for free by the school or their own).


Accommodation: host family/residence

  • We strongly recommend students to (re)book residence accommodation, especially those who don’t feel very safe yet.

  • At the residence, you’ll have your own bubble and you can walk from the residence to the school. You’ll have an individual room with bathroom and individual kitchen supplies and refrigerator. In the common areas, social distancing and hygiene measures should be respected: kitchen, terrace, study lounge. For students staying at the residence, travelling home during weekends is allowed. Please note that in the residence you’ll have to do your own grocery shopping and cooking but that you can cut on the costs of public transportation as you’ll be able to do everything on foot in Antwerp.

  • When choosing for a host family stay, please note that a host family is an extra bubble and that you’ll have to use public transportation. Do not forget that Antwerp is a city and that there are always lots of people outside.

  • Facemasks are obligatory when using public transportation. Please note that on busses and trams social distancing is not obligatory nor possible, and that some

  • people might not be wearing a mask. Please make sure this won’t frighten you nor your parents before deciding to choose for host family accommodation.

  • Once a student travelled to his/her host family, travelling back and forth to go home in the weekends is not permitted to ensure everyone’s safety. We should still

    avoid to get in contact with people as much as possible.



  • The activity program will be adapted to what’s legally permitted.

  • All staff and students will have to wear a facemask during outdoor activities.

  • Lunch will be in the largest classroom so students can still respect the 1,5 m social distancing rule while taking of their mask to eat/drink. Of course, lunch can also

  • be taken outside or at your accommodation. Please bring your lunch from your accommodation or buy lunch in town. There won’t be time nor place to prepare

    your lunch in school.

  • All masks have to be dropped in the mask bin before lunch and putting on a clean mask after lunch is obligatory.

  • After lunch and at the end of the day, the school staff will disinfect tables, chairs, door handles, coffee machine, water tap and anything else people touch with

    their hands.



  • Tables in class will be separated to ensure a 1,5 m distance between students.

  • All staff and students will have to wear a facemask during classes and activities and in the school building.

  • In order to ensure that morning and afternoon groups don’t get in touch, we created a corona-safe schedule that we will stick to until the Belgian Security Council declares it to be no longer necessary. This means students from the morning shift are not allowed to come to school in the afternoon and vice versa. In order to ensure both groups have the same amount of activity time, schedules will switch every week.

  • Standard program students will have their 20 lessons in school. Intensive program students will have the other 10 lessons (out of 30) online, working from their host

    family or from the residence.

  • In case students don’t want to have online lessons, they should (re)book the standard program instead of the intensive program.

  • We strongly recommend students to bring their own laptop/tablet but iPads can be borrowed from the school and taken to the residence or host family to participate in the online courses.

  • Most of our interactive exercises and grammar games include cards and other objects to share. Therefore they can't be used yet. Our team is doing it's very best to find and create interactive but corona-proof types of exercises but corona forces us to teach in a much more classical way than we are used to and like to do. This can not be the subject of complaints about the course.

                                                                                 THANK YOU FOR READING OUR CORONA SAFETY MEASURES 

Thank you for choosing our school for your studies. We are committed to ensuring that your time here is enjoyable and rewarding. We believe that whether this is your first visit to Belgium/Flanders or whether you are a seasoned traveller, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful time in Antwerp. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the school, along with the liveliness of Flanders’ biggest town will serve to make your stay here unique.
We are invested in making sure that your stay will be filled with new and exciting experiences in the warm and welcoming city of Antwerp. The school staff is looking forward to meeting you soon and to help you make the most of your time in Flanders.

LABS welcomes students of all ages and from every corner of the world to learn Dutch in our school in Antwerp. With our academic program focusing on results and motivation whilst providing an array of educational and social activities, our students achieve results in a fast and fun way.
A large percentage of our students apply their new language skills by taking the official CNaVT exam to proof their knowledge of Dutch to schools, universities and employers.
Taking an immersion course is so much more than just improving your language skills. You will meet new friends, discover a city, a region, a country and a culture.


On Monday, we expect you to arrive at the school at 9am, Kipdorp 38, 2000 Antwerpen. On your first day we will get to know you and you will get to know us, the school and the city. We will also test your level in speaking, writing, grammar and vocabulary. 


You will receive your course materials and student card. If you want to have a specific photo on your student card, please send it to before your arrival. If not, we'll take a photo on your arrival day.


Please make sure to always have our telephone number with you, so you can contact us if something goes wrong or when you get lost on your first day: +32(0)494/48.17.17 


Arriving in Antwerp and your first days: in your host family

or residence and at school 

Please contact your host family or residence contact person on Wednesday before your arrival at the latest.

Not contacting your host family in time results in a bad first impression.


Meet our team

Travel & transfer

Transfer service

Arriving at a busy airport or train station in another city can be confusing. The school offers a  transfer service to your accommodation for an additional fee.

Arriving by train

If you arrive at Antwerp’s Central Station you can take the train, bus, subway or tram to your homestay.

Arriving by plane

Brussels Airport is located 50 km away from the school so a taxi is very expensive (about 80€ to get to the city centre).

We suggest one of the following:
- Take the airport bus directly to the city centre (next to Antwerp Central Station). It takes about 50 minutes and costs €10,00.

- Take the train from the airport to Antwerp Central Station. You need to switch trains in the railway station of Brussels North. The journey takes about 75 minutes in total to get to the city centre and costs €9,45.

Arrival at the school

The school is located in the centre of Antwerp. The school can be reached with several trams and busses stopping at:

MEIR for the lines 3, 5, 9, 15

GROENPLAATS for the lines 180, 181, 182, 183, 22

MEIRBRUG for the line 7

SINT-JACOB for the lines 10, 11, 24, 12

You can also walk to the school from bus stop ROOSEVELTPLAATS (5 min. or lines 10/11) or from CENTRAL STATION (10 min or lines 9/15).


Coming to Antwerp by car

Traffic in Antwerp


Antwerp isn’t an easy city when it comes to traffic and the current road works are making it even worse.

Therefore we strongly recommend all of our customers and visitors to use the public transportation system as much as possible to come to Antwerp and to use the city bikes and the public transportation to move around in the city centre. 


For all up-to-date information about the road works, please check out this website:

All information about the city bikes can be found on:

Our school is located in the low emission zone, so you have to check on this website if your car is allowed in town: 

Parking your car in Antwerp


It is very expensive to park your car in the streets. The parking lots in the neighbourhood are a much better option. Go to to find information about parking in Antwerp.

Daytickets for parking your car in the streets for 5 euros, can be found  in the dark green zone.


In the neighbourhood ‘Het Zuid’ there is a bigger and free parking. Ask your gps for Waalse kaai, Antwerpen, but please note that parking is only free on the square itself and not in the surrounding streets. You can also park your car next to the river in the same neighbourhood.


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