Where to stay during your stay?   

Most students stay at a

 h o s t   f a m i l y 

during their course at our school. It adds an extra cultural dimension to your language course but our staff has been both host student and host family and we do realise it can be challenging to live with a family that isn't your own. Here are the (dis)advantages of staying at a host family:

+ the price, included in the course price

+ the contact with the locals 

- the bigger the difference with your own family, the harder it might be to adapt yourself

- every family has it's own rules

- good communication is VERY important 

- all host families live in the suburbs, not in the center of the city

Available all year round

For students who prefer to live more independently and are at least 21 years old, we offer

 c o h o u s i n g 

You share a house with a family or group of people but you do your own grocery shopping and your own cooking. The people you are living with will not always be at home because they also have a busy professional and social life.

+ you have more freedom

- most co-housing options are in the suburbs

Students who prefer to live in the city center or who want to live independently, can stay at the

  school  residence  

right above the school. 

The supplement for a single room is 200 euros/week, the supplement for a shared room is 175 euros/week.

+ located in the city center, by far the best way to get to know Antwerp

+ you'll live the independent student life

- the price

- you'll have to actively look for contact with the Dutch language after classes, such as going out, watching a movie in Dutch...

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