Dear Accenture employee,


We at LABS are happy to help you studying Dutch in partnership with EF Corporate Solutions.

On this page you will find everything you need to know about your course. Your group number is 1837.

Planning for group 1837

You’ll have a 2 hour group class in week 1/3, followed by a 1 hour individual virtual session in week 2/3, and 2 hours of individual work (or more, if you wish to) in week 3/3. 

At the end of the course you will pass another level test. We'll inform you as soon as we have set the date.

Our colleague Riêyn Plato ( will answer all of your questions regarding the organisation of the course. 

For all questions regarding classes and content, please contact the LABS team at

We respect your privacy

In order to send you the necessary information and to create a login for our system, we need your e-mailaddress.

We will not use it for any other purpose than strictly necessary and course related communication and will not hand it over to third parties.

Group classes - week 1

For your group classes at Accenture Utrecht, Josseke will be your trainer. 

She’s a very friendly and experienced language trainer living nearby.

These are the dates for your group classes:

week 1837: Monday Sep 10th 5pm-7pm

week 1840: Monday Oct 1st 5pm-7pm

week 1843: Monday Oct 21st 5pm-7pm

week 1846: Monday Nov 12th 5pm-7pm

week 1849: Monday Dec 3th 5pm-7pm

Private classes - week 2

For your private classes, Charlotte Bauwens will be your trainer.


Please book a session in the following weeks:

1838: Sep 18th / 19th / 20th

1841: Oct 9th / 10th / 11th

1844: Oct 30th / 31st / Nov 1st

1847: Nov 20th / 21st / 22nd

1850: Dec 11th / 12th / 13th


and click here (on your laptop/desktop) when your class is starting.

Make sure to book your classes well in advance so you can easily find a time slot that suits your agenda.

Individual studying - week 3

For your individual online studying sessions, you will be working independently.

We strongly recommend to set yourself a day and time in your agenda to do this. 

Your individual studying weeks are: 

1839: Sep 24th - 28th

1842: Oct 15th - 19th

1845: Nov 5th - 9th

1848: Nov 26th - 30th

1851: Dec 17th - 21st 

Also keep in mind that those 2 hours of individual work are a minimum amount required to pass the tests.

Feel free to study more, in every week of your training cycle, 30 minutes a day or whatever planning suits you.  

In language learning, studying twice a week for one hour is more efficient than once a week for two hours.

All of these exercises can be done on your smartphone. However you will need wifi. 

Work on your pronunciation & speaking skills

Click here, pick the chapter(s) you have been working on during group classes and repeat what you hear.

Work on the vocabulary and grammar from your NEDERLANDS IN GANG handbook

Exercises will be set available as the chapters have been treated during group classes. 

You have unlimited access and attempts to all exercises.


Go to

Log on with your e-mail address and the password you received by e-mail.

Click on the exercise you want to do and at the end, don't forget to click the EXIT COURSE button so your results will be registered.

Work on your extra vocabulary & listening skills

As a beginner, the first and by far most important thing to work on, is your vocabulary. Please note that the following website was developed for all learners, so feel free to skip to the next chapter whenever it’s getting to easy and slow for you.

Go to www.oefenen.nlSign up - Click on the following links and do all of the exercises.




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